What is CMD ECO20?

CMD ECO20 is a micro CHP (Combined Heat&Power) system powered with syngas produced by wooden waste biomass pyrogasification.


What is Biomass pyrogasification?


Biomass pyrogasification (or biomass gasification) is a thermo-chemical treatment of organic waste; through different steps, it turns biomass into combustible gas.

Pyrogasification is achieved by an overheating process (from 600 to 1,000° C); it produces an extremely clean gas mix: the syngas.


Which is CMD ECO20 heating power production?

CMD ECO 20 can produce up to 20 electrical kW and 40 kW of heating power using wooden waste as an unique source of fuel.


Which are most used wooden waste in pyrogasification treatment?

Main wooden waste used for pyrogasification are: forestry waste, grapevine shoots, pruning, nut shells, coconut shells, hazelnut shells, chestnut shells, almond shells, olive pits, apricot pits, peach pits, tobacco stalks, corn stalks, cane residues.


Which is CMD ECO20 main purpose?

Environmental issues have led CMD to pursue ‘green’ solutions in energy production systems’ design process. CHP CMD ECO20 has been designed following a clear purpose: use organic waste as PRIMARY fuel.

Nowadays, wooden waste disposal is a quite serious problem. Thanks to pyrogasification, it can become a socio-environmental advantage.


Which is CMD ECO20 best innovation?


Common pyrogasification equipments usually have large sizes (minimum is 50 kW) and need to be controlled physically by staff. CMD20 is revolutionary: with a small size (20kW), totally computerized, whole pyrogasification process is carried on by an electronic control system. Through a web interface using smart devices (PC, IPAD, mobile, etc.) it can supervise and manage by remote following operations:

- Monitoring operative parameters;

- Reading logged data;

- Resetting alarms;

- Start / stop the device;


- Testing actuators and sensors;


- Managing the CHP via internet.


Final comments:

CMD ECO20, using biomass, TOTALLY REPLACES fossil fuels, following this energetic equivalence: a litre of petrol corresponds to less than 3kg of wood chips. Several biomass qualities in different combinations have been already tested.

From residues and wooden waste to CLEAN ENERGY without polluting, producing global warming, greenhouse gases and… the fuel is renewable !!!


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