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CMD has just finalized the sale of one ECO20 equiment to DOLCISUD SRL, a confectionery company producing semifinished products for big international companies

It is located in Campania, Limatona, close to Benevento, a high density area of trees, which is the optimal condition for equipment's power: as matter of fact, it will be powered by wooden scraps from food industry (almonds, nuts, etc).


The equipment will be installed at DOLCISUD plant in cooperation with INNOVA TECNOLOGIE ED AMBIENTE (UNI certified company) general contractor involved in ECO20's equipment installations and activation.


At the moment, company uses a 30 kw photovoltaic system covering just 1800 hours/year of energy. Installing ECO20, energy autonomy will be increased to 7500 hours/year. 


ECO20 installation at DOLCISUD Srl will aim high: reaching the complete energy sustainability by using renewable sources and being a clear example of circular economy.

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Innovation and Development, new CMD's projects in Basilicata Innovation and Development, new CMD's projects in Basilicata

A brand new industrial site for the production of avio engines (suitable both for ultralight aircrafts and general aviation) will be soon created in Valle di Vitalba industrial area, Atella (Pz). 

CMD Spa (Costruzioni Motori Diesel) will increase its business investing 36 million euros in avio industry thanks to Development Contract  by Invitalia, providing incentives for 6.5 million in R&D project (in cooperation with Università della Basilicata) and 8.2 million in the industrial program ( 5.2 grants and 3 loans). Project also provides the hiring of 55 people.

Fonte: Il Sole 24 Ore / 12-07-2018

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CMD staff visited in Rotterdam Drinkwaard Marine company CMD staff visited in Rotterdam Drinkwaard Marine company

CMD staff visited in Rotterdam Drinkwaard Marine company. A further chance to strengthen not only business relationships with our customers but even to support them in technical aspects.

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“La Borsa della Ricerca” event: C.M.D.’s evaluation of new advanced technologies projects “La Borsa della Ricerca” event: C.M.D.’s evaluation of new advanced technologies projects

On May, 29th, on the occasion of "La Borsa della Ricerca" event, C.M.D. met at University of Salerno academic istitutions and start up involved in engineering field to check updated advanced technologies projects.

Nicola Scaldarella, Director of Electronic Control Systems – Diesel & Gasoline, and  Maurizio La Villetta, R&D Researcher - Energy Dept, exchanged new ideas and evaluated new co-working activities opportunities with eminent univiersities like Industrial Engineering and Mathematics Dept of "Politecnico delle Marche",  CRMPA - Centre for Research in Pure and Applied Mathematics and Università del Salento.

C.M.D. has been involving since longtime in Research field and cooperating with important public and private istitutions like Università degli Studi della Basilicata, CIRA (Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali), Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Università del Salento and CNR - Istituto Motori.

Prestigious companies and istitutions, like ENEL and MISE -PON, attended this event.

We do thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

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C.M.D. at "La Borsa della Ricerca": when academic institutions meet companies and investors to support technological innovation C.M.D. at

On May, 29th, C.M.D.  will be at "La Borsa della Ricerca", a special event sponsored by  Fondazione Emblema; its main target is to create a concrete hub to promote experience exchanges among academic institutions, R&D experts, companies, start ups and private and public investors and support development and innovation of technology.

Meetings will be held at Università of Salerno.

Please click at the following link (ITALIAN LANGUAGE):

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CMD "Supply Chain Finance" project is the winner of "Cross-functional Team purchasing" category at "The Procuments Awards" 2018 event. CMD

CMD "Supply Chain Finance" project is the winner of  "Purchases in Cross-functional Team" category at "The Procurement Awards" 2018, the Italian award for the best Purchasing Depts projects.

During the event, which has been held at Palazzo Litta, a historical building located in Milano, "Supply Chain Finance" project by Mr. Giovanni Mosca, C.M.D. Chief Planning, Budget & Control Officer, got an extraordinary success among the attendees.

Work's content Mr. Mosca introduced has been focused on strategic synergy of Finance and Purchase, able to give Company a meaningful  and competitive benefit thanks to the improvement of all Purchasing process.

C.MD. project has got an important financial support by Supply Chain Fund of Groupama Asset Management SGR.

It has been selected by a Scientific Committee, composed of Purchasing Directors of well-known and outstanding international companies, like Lavazza, Ferrero, Alitalia, Alfa Laval, Samsung, Maire Tecnimont, Bracco, Banca Mediolanum, and by Mrs. Antonella Moretto, MBA Executive Director of Politecnico di Milano.

All categories have been partnered by Ayming, HRS, Tesisquare, BCD Travel ed Europcar, which have awarded the winners.

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C.M.D. at “The Procurement Awards 2018” Ceremony“the-procurement-awards-2018”-ceremony.html“the-procurement-awards-2018”-ceremony.html C.M.D. at “The Procurement Awards 2018” Ceremony

On May, 10th at 6:00 pm at Palazzo Litta in Milano, C.M.D. Costruzioni Motori Diesel S.p.A. is going to participate to “The Procurement Awards 2018”  Ceremony  with a project entitled  "Supply Chain Finance" by Mr. Giovanni MOSCA, company's Chief Planning, Budget & Control Officer.

Mr. Mosca will be honoured to introduce to the event's attendees his work, which is focused on Supply Chain as a company's resource and added value. 

Project has been approved  by an outstanding Scientific Committee and has been included in the first three positions for "Purchases in Interfuctional Team" category.


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CMD Financial Statement 2017 is on line CMD Financial Statement 2017 is on line

On 8 February 2017, the CMD Shareholders' Meeting approved the Statutory Financial Statements at 31/12/2017 in record time. This timeliness, out of the ordinary with respect to the Italian average, is the result of intense work carried out by the CMD's accounting and financial administration, which has achieved quality standards comparable to those of a listed company.

The financial statements can be downloaded from the Investors section.

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Close partnership between CMD company and Università degli Studi of Basilicataà-degli-studi-of-basilicata.htmlà-degli-studi-of-basilicata.html Close partnership between CMD company and Università degli Studi of Basilicata

The relationship between CMD company (a Chinese Group Loncin company) and Università degli Studi of Basilicata becomes closer, especially with Mechanical Engineering Department of Lucanian University.

Yesterday, November 23rd, there has been an important meeting in campus of Macchia Romana, in Potenza. Among guests, Mr. Iantorno, Technical Director of FNM company, who has been a strategic partner for supporting students teaching and training methods in Engineering studies.

Mr. Iantorno has been interviewed by CEV (Experts of Evaluation Commission) of Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research Systems (ANVUR). It has been a meaningful exchange of view for the University and for the following relationship between University’s activities and its local area: as matter of fact, FNM has its production site in Atella (PZ).

ANVUR examination is a crucial moment of exchange process related to Quality Assurance model (AQ), applied by University of Basilicata for ongoing improvement of training and research quality. CMD company has been selected by University of Basilicata just because of innovative company strategy oriented to ongoing improvement and pursuit of more and more challenging goals in Mechanical Engineering field.

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CMD is going to attend Expo Astana 2017 from June, the 10th till September, the 10th 2017,-the-10th-till-september,-the-10th-2017.html,-the-10th-till-september,-the-10th-2017.html CMD is going to attend Expo Astana 2017 from June, the 10th till September, the 10th 2017

CMD is proud to have been selected by an International Commission to be present in Excellence Pavilion with ECO20.

Event main topic is Future Energy and leads global attention to be focused on new trends about sustainable sources generators to meet international growing energy needs.

Expo particularly wants to promote: 

·        Best international experiences on energy for sustainable development sector;

·        Knowledge exchange on energy future with major players of companies, academic and scientist world, industrial enterprises and other institutions;

·        "Green energy" scientific and technological development;

·        Opportunities, challenges and future energy needs;

·        Training process through art, culture and entertainment;

·        An experimental platform for the distribution of modern technologies and knowledge aimed to a "green" and sustainable future;

·        Knowledge of Kazakhstan as a country with a fast rate of economic development and a firm engagement in sustainable development.

Efforts made by CMD R&D staff during last 4 years have been successful: it will have the chance to reinforce CMD ECO20 commercial position on international market.


We wait you: Pavilion C1.4, eBPa – Energy Best Practices Area - 2nd level - USE OF ENERGY NATURAL RESOURCES AREA


Expo Astana 2017 Presentation - Link:





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