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01-ala-littoria-s74The history of CMD/FNM starts a long time ago in the 1930’s when Corrado Negri, a member of the Negri family who later founded CMD/FNM, became heavily involved in the Italian Air Force and also gave his precious contribute to the transoceanic flight made by Italo Balbo. Balbo led two transatlantic flights. The first was the 1930 flight of twelve Savoia-Marchetti S.55 flying boats from Orbetello, Italy to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil between December 17, 1930 and January 15, 1931.

02-primo-impianto-cmdFrom July 1 - August 12, 1933 he led a flight of 24 flying boats on a round-trip flight from Rome to the Century of Progress in Chicago, Illinois. The flight had seven legs; Orbetello, Amsterdam, Derry, Reykjavík, Cartwright, Shediac, Montreal ending on Lake Michigan near Burnham Park.

C.M.D. Spa Costruzioni Motori Diesel is a young and dynamic company, focused on continuous achievement of more ambitious goals, which offers a full range of engineering services by providing global support to the automotive industry through design, prototyping and development of diesel engines and gasoline advanced technology.

CMD is an international leading company for what concerns the design and development of diesel
engines as well as a major supplier of products and services to many companies around the world.

The company was founded in 1971 under the name Fratelli Negri Machine,(FNM), by the Negri brothers. Initially, the activity focuses on the total revision of agriculture machinery equipments in the mid-'70s, in the installation of diesel engines.

Towards the end of the decade, also begins the collaboration with Fiat, which still represents an
important part of the business. In 1980 it was displayed at the International Motor Show in Turin
the diesel engine supercharged 1.3 GD 178 AT entirely designed and built by FNM.

This model collected over the years considerable success. In 1991 CMD acquired the business unit of FNM and the related know-how.

03-cmd-atellaIn the 90s CMD inaugurates its plant in Atella 1 allowing them to expand their manufacturing and
trading diesel inboard marine engines and offering precision machining increasingly advanced.

In the new millennium, the Company continues to growth with the opening of two new factories, Atella 2
in 2004 and Morra de Sanctis in 2005, and with the implementation of a new range of marine engines JTD highly competitive.04-cmd-san-nicola

The process of business diversification, through the industrialization of two Aircraft engines for the general aviation and very light Aircrafts (VLA), as well as the development of a Micro-chp fed by wooden biomasses, has allowed CMD to approach multiple international markets and arouse the interest of the biggest players of the automotive world.


Since January 2017, CMD become part of the Loncin Group (CHINA) that aquired a controlling stake. This transaction, will further enlarge for CMD the opportunity to grow up and seek new leading-edge technology solutions.






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