Research & Development

The R & D team is composed by engineers with multidisciplinary skills, ranging from electronics, mechanics and software technology is able to offer services that cover every stage of the engineering design process for the engine development, from the stage requirements collection until to the validation and verification.

The right balance between experience, creativity and technology enables an approach to the problems that can produce cutting-edge technology and a final product that may meet completely the requirements. This provides a considerable advantage in terms of competitiveness, a reduction of development costs and of the time to market.

CMD, through its own research projects and specific consultancies, working with major universities and private research centers, belonging to the most advanced scientific realities.

There is a close cooperation with the University of Naples Federico II, the CNR - Istituto Motori, CIRA (Italian Centre for Aerospace Research), the University of Salento and the University of Basilicata.


Energetic Division

Over the past decade CMD has expanded the application range for internal combustion engines through the design of trigeneration/cogeneration systems based on internal combustion engines of small / medium size.

Considering it an interesting engine’s application with important market perspectives, CMD is investing important resources in the development of innovative cogeneration systems that optimize the fuel utilization, through the combined production of hot water and electricity by the use of a single system.

Lower operating costs, higher efficiency (if compared to a normal heater), the possibility of using renewable energy sources (biogas, syngas, methane).


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