A natural application for internal combustion engine in CMD is the energy production. Over the years CMD has developed systems for gensets for several sizes, from 1.5 kW to 30 kW; fed by natural gas, grid gas, diesel, up to syngas produced from the pyrogasification of biomass. The environmental respect, the scarcity of fossil fuels, the demand for efficiency and rationalization of their use have led CMD to pursue these objectives in the design of its systems for energy production. For these reasons, CMD designing team has moved from the development of their first gensets fueled by natural gas or oil, to the construction of 'combined' power generator systems of heat and power (CHP). Such a devices, using the percentage of thermal energy generated by the engine combustion, increases the efficiency of utilization of the fuel. Latest product and culmination of this activity is a cogeneration system (CHP) fed by syngas produced by wooden biomasses pyrogasification. In this device, the CMD ECO20, the concepts of optimizing the utilization of the fuel, the environmental approach, combined with the use of renewable energy sources are touchable through a device robust and reliable, capable of delivering 20 kW electric power and 40 kW of heat using wooden waste as a only source.


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