The New Line Robotized Machining is composed by machining centers of the prestigious German company SW.

This line is configurated by five high precision machining centers and a cleaning chamber, two assembling stations, all completely robitized.

The line will be able to work 24/7 in order to mantain an high level of competition and quality.

To ensure a maximum traceability, the system Data Matrix present on each workpiece will allow to identify the production parameters recorded during the whole assembly process.

The final product consist in valuable cylinder heads for the new diesel engines VM A630 mounted on the new Maserati “Ghibli” and “Quattroporte” as well as on the model Jeep “Grand Cherokee”.

C.M.D. is thus able to develop new and advanced projects acting as partner for all those applications requiring high reliability precision engineering for medium and large series in both automotive and aeronautic sectors.

CMD opened the new Line Robotized Machining “Bruno Negri” at the first production plant in Atella.

Almost every two years, C.M.D. reports an increase of their industrial production structures that leads up the competences of the company, in the Italian scenario of the hightech industries at the top for research and innovation.

This industrial history traced by the “NEGRI FAMILY”, since four generations, put C.M.D. in evidence in the global market with its production plants worldwide.

The Robotized Line “Bruno Negri” (that is the co-founder of the company  C.M.D. with his brothers Giorgio and Gianfranco) implements the VM order using robotic devices of latest generation of the prestigious German company SW.

The Line is able to operate continuosly 24/7 producing cylinder heads for the new diesel engines VM A630 that will be mounted on the new Maserati “Ghibli” and “Quattroporte” as well as on the Jeep model “Grand Cherokee”.

The robotic line is composed by five high precision machining centers, high pressure washing chambers and two assembling workpiece stations.

A special feature is the traceable system Data Matrix that characterizes each workpiece "tracing the history" in order to identify all the parameters during the production process.

For these characteristics C.M.D. develop more and more new and advanced projects with the aims of being a partner in the industrial sectors of automotive,marine engines, aeronautic and process of industrial research.

C.M.D. has always been in great synergy with the Department of Engineering of the Italian Universities;

work closely with the National Research Council through the prestigious Institute Motors and draws qualified resources and experiences in close cooperation with research centers, including the valuable Italian Aerospace Research Centre.

Since the early '90s C.M.D. has developed activities in the District of Basilicata with very positive results and developing interesting increases in employment and labor union relations marked by the highest and prepositional collaboration.

The relationship with the institutions, with the world of Politicians and Administrations and local social life on the bases of loyal and transparent collaboration, has highlighted the content of the industrial development of C.M.D. and we still believe that to strengthen in other strategics areas of the Country.

C.M.D. has strong willingness to incentive the Contractors and final customers, in Italy and worldwide with the best support activities and technical engineering collaboration for the innovation of the products that we have the opportunity and the honor to produce.

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