CMD since the beginning has been very active in thediesel engines research and development, always keeping an high quality level.
Based on the experience acquired in the field of automotive applications, the company extends its business installing light diesel engines on motor vehicles  present on the market then, thus entering the market of supercharger kits for diesel engines and sold in a short time over 2000 kits for 24 different types of cars. Moreover, by acting as an engineering consultant introducing the turbo motor in various Italian industries like Fiat / Lancia, Alfa Avio, Moto Morini, Ducati.

In 2000, the company enters the marine sector realizing the first prototypes of engines with common rail direct injection with low-pollution emissions. 
In 2004, launched the engine FNM HPE 200 fully electronically controlled with characteristics of power-to-weight ratio still unmatched by the competition.
In 2005 is introducing a brand new model with whom he won the world championship CMD "Endurance Off Shore", attracting the keen interest of the yachting Italian and European level. Also started working on an important project for general aviation, particularly innovative and original, with reliability, high level of modularity and exceptional performance in flight.

Automotive Engines

CMD is an internationally recognized player in the automotive market as a company specialized in the high precision machining of spare...


What is CMD ECO20? CMD ECO20 is a micro CHP (Combined Heat&Power) system powered with syngas produced by wooden waste biomass...

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