C.M.D. Costruzioni Motori Diesel S.p.A., founded by the Negri Family, currently at the third generation is involved in the automotive industry and marine diesel engines area where is globally known as a leading company for repowering motorboats. CMD offers a complete range of engineering services providing global support to the transportation industry in the design, prototyping and development of advanced gasoline and diesel engines. We also provide full engine integration and in-vehicle calibration services to our clients. 

CMD is an internationally recognized leader in the design and development of diesel engines, and a major supplier of advanced engineering products and services to many companies throughout the world.

CMD provides a full suite of engineering services, which are used to develop innovative solutions to the problems faced by our customers. CMD is active in every phase of engine development, from the concept layout to the start of production.

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Who We Are

The history of CMD/FNM starts a long time ago in the 1930’s when Corrado Negri, a member of the Negri family who later founded CMD/FNM, became heavily involved in the Italian Air Force and also gave his precious contribute to the transoceanic flight made by Italo Balbo. Balbo led two…
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