C.M.D. Costruzioni Motori Diesel produces and distributes worldwide the marine diesel engines FNM.
FNM means high tecnology together with extraordinary power and passion for top speeds.

The engines
The FNM engines are diesel and turbodiesel based on FIAT Powertrain high technology engines, suitable for inboard and in/outboard application. Based on automotive engines, the FNM engines are based on the same engines that are successfully used on the latest FIAT, Alfa Romeo, Lancia. The FNM engines are compact with light weight and offers high reliability in every use and condition.

The range
Seven models,from 100 to 300 HP, are all suitable for shaft drive application. The models HPEP 205 , HPEP 250, HPEP 300 are also available for stern drive application.
For new installation or repowering, the FNM engines can be used for jet drive applications, also as auxiliar engines on sailboats, on fishing boats for commercial use or sports boats, on each and every
recreational boat from tenders to high speed motorboats,family boats, taxi boats for passengers and in hibryd configuration that allows the navigation in protected area at ZERO EMISSIONS.

Performance and consumption
Characterized by high torque, light weight, the FNM engines are brilliant, with an outstanding power-to-weight ratio. The FNM Common Rail direct injection has specific consumptions that are lower compared to engines with the same power and burn much less.Stay out longer and spen less on fuel is now a reality with FNM new diesels.
Compact dimensions and weight
The FNM engines generate more power with light weight and compact dimensions compared to other propulsion packages on the market. The FNM engines offer a wide range of horse power with light weight and smaller dimension compared to other competitions. This means that we can offer to the boatbuilders propulsions power that can generate more power and/or repowering existent boats with more power without problem of space or weight.

Low consumptions
The FNM engines designed from automotive engines meets all your expectations of fuel economy and are environmentally friendly . Our engines that guarantee best performances and low consumptions, are virtually free of smoke and quiet. Fully compliant with the European RCD 2003/44/EC emissions standards and EPA Tier III. Improvement in fuel efficiency maximize and extend your leisure time on the water.

The continuing evolution of the design and production technologies ensure high quality engines and tested reliability. The engines FNM are now a reality for a far wider range of pleasure boats and
commercial applications and represent a smart possibility for the customers.

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