CMD is active in the field of advanced design of internal combustion engines hi-tech, given to the high skill of the engineering team.

The main activity of CMD is to develop advanced designs of internal combustion engines, for the most applications. The modeling is performed in CAD-CAM, CAE, and develop all activities range from the design up to the lay out of the production and industrialization.

CMD covers the complete cycle related to research, design, development of their engines through design activities, simulations, prototypes, engine testing on bench or on specific application, until to the definition of production cycles. CMD R & D has a system for stereolithography prototypes in sintered plastic components or parts to be made, in this way CMD may perform a preliminary analysis of fitting and realization cycles.

CMD is concerned with advanced mechanical design through the use of SW-specific, calculations and structural analysis, acoustic phenomena, vibrational, gas dynamic, thermochemical phenomena.


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