Automotive Design

The aim for this activity is the customer of automotive industry that wants to ensure a technological quality and reliability, in compliance with European standards. Given the quality of the technical team and the flexibility of approach of its design staff, CMD is placed on the market with engine development costs extremely competitive, if compared with similar activities proposed by other players . The design activity is performed at the Atella -1 plant, near Potenza, and in the engineerign unit plant in San Nicola La Strada (Caserta ). The industrialization process is carried out in the Morra De Sanctis (AV) plant.

The activity of CAD design

The phase of the design and CAD modeling is a critical step of the whole design activity. This step determines the success in the engine implementation and the reliability of the performances, global behaviour and critical components of the new engine.

The design phase starts from the analysis and study of functional and technical specifications to be achieved. Such features are identified in close collaboration with the customer's needs. The design ends with the modeling of engine components required for the achievement of the project targets.

The simulation activities

The simulation work is divided into:

1 . fluidodynamics simulation

2 . structural and mechanical simulation

3 . performance simulation

4 . injection system simulation

Once the design stage itself is accomplished, next steps are the planning and implementation of the development program that is expressed in the following activities :

1 . prototyping

2 . modeling

3 . casting and machining

4 . assembling

5 . bench tests

6 . optimization of the final prototype

7 . industrialization

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the design phase may finish with the industrialization phase and the pre- production series that are generally performed in the Morra De Sanctis’s plant .


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